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Wet Rooms in Norwich


Wet Room Design & Installation

At ClarkBuild Norwich Ltd we care about the needs of our customers and an important element for many of our customers is to provide an accessible wet room.

What is a wet room?

The term Wet room is used to describe a waterproof bathroom in which the shower is either open with a curtain or set behind a single wall or glass screen, the floor of the wet room is designed to have a slight gradient so that all water can drain away via an outlet on the floor.

It is important to note that having a wet room does not mean that you have to have a hospital style bathroom in your home at ClarkBuild Norwich Ltd we are proud of the designs we have achieved for our clients.

Why choose a wet room?

Installing a wet room can be a fantastic way to make the most of the space that you have. Your new wet room can be fitted with the latest in high tech devices from toilets that wash and dry you to showers that change colour dependent on water temperature.

It’s easy to clean and may be a good investment to increase your house price. A well-designed wet room looks stunning, and is practical for the whole family not just a person with accessibly needs. A wet room will do away with cramped shower areas, creates an open-plan feeling of luxury for your bathroom.

Wet rooms are an excellent choice for second bathrooms, en suite bathrooms, smaller bathrooms and even your master bathroom, having a wet rooms installed in your home helps future proof it should your access needs change.

At ClarkBuild Norwich Ltd we believe in providing a quality bathroom at an affordable price.

Wet rooms are the ideal solution for individuals with mobility needs, as they will help eliminate the need of restrictive enclosed areas. We regularly work with occupational therapists to fit a wide range of seats and rails to improve our clients accessibility needs.

At ClarkBuild Norwich Ltd we believe that a person may have a disability but it is their environment that makes them disabled. Our careful design service will ensure that your needs are fully met and we promise to make sure that we listen to our clients as one size does not fit all.

It should be remembered that a well built wet room is always fully waterproof, so this means no leaks. Say goodbye to damp and mouldy bathrooms! Due to the design of a Wet room they are fully compatible with many different types of underfloor heating systems.

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